Kyra Pertovskaya Wayne

– Family –

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Kyra with her son,
Dr. Ronald Wayne (and Catherine the Great, whose portrait was in Kyra’s family’s possession since the XIXth century, and was “smuggled” by Kyra to America when she left the Soviet Union in 1946).

Kyra relaxing at home.

Kyra with her family. Five grandchildren,
son Ron,
daughter-in-law Karen
and Bijou.

Kyra and her grandson Christopher, the designer of the covers for “The Chaperone” and
“Memoirs of a Piano”.

Kyra with her family.

With my youngest granddaughter “Kyra” who insisted I was named after her!


– Birthdays - Gotta Love ‘Em –

~ Another Birthday ~

All Mine!
My son Dr.Ronald Wayne
& his 5 children

~ On My Birthday ~

My family on a birthday.

My youngest granddaughter and namesake, Kyra.

– Some of Kyra’s Beloved Dogs –

Weimaraner Tony, the smartest dog in the world.

Max, the great hero of her book (note the dog’s injured legs)

Little Maxie, a Yorkie whom Kyra saved by giving him CPR.

Kyra with her youngest granddaughter and namesake at Halloween with Sweet Pepper.

With the Hero of her book, Max.

Bijou, was a constant companion and the love of her life.


“I’ve led a full life . . .I’m grateful for it.”  ~ Kyra      

Kyra toasting her family and friends at Russian Easter Celebration (the busts on the table are of Catherine the Great and Peter III.

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