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– Concerts and Performances –

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Presenting a special literary program on Boccaccio at UCLA.

Kyra at a concert

. . . “As I predicted, my graduate students were enchanted--not only with your striking appearance, but also with what you had to tell us about your experience in the Russian theater. I admired again your charm, your fluency in the new language, your lovely Juliet voice, and your irresistible smile” . . .

. . . ”The topic you handled so expertly knowingly and charmingly, should not have been wasted in a single lecture. You know so much about the Russian Theater, and particularly, the education of the actor in Russia, that I feel the local colleges and universities could greatly benefit from your lecturing” . . .

William W. Melnitz, Dean
College of Fine Arts, University of California, Los Angeles

Kyra with Art Linkletter Ugh! What a dress!  But its “spaghetti straps” are fashionable again!

Concert in the Park

– Public Speaking Appearances –

Speaking at a function

Speaking at a function

Nevada’s Young Lawyers Association

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